VoIp & Support for Remote Working

One client we supported this year in closing the office down in February due to Covid. Implementing a VoIp system and integration with Teams enabled staff members to move call management to their homes.

This has enabled the office staff to:

  1. Answer calls for the main office number
  2. Transfer calls between them
  3. Have calls ring between phones in 3 locations to ensure customers have their calls answered.
  4. Call out from the main office number
  5. Each staff member has a direct dial number for people to reach them

System is compatible and ready to bring the phones back to the office when restrictions ease. Giving 3 voice lines in the office, rather than the origional 1,

Delivered for less than the existing monthly spend on the phone bill.

A second client had 6 phone lines and 3 BB services to cover their estate. We have replaced capacity with with 5 Voip Licences (which can be used off site for remote working) and 1 super fast broadband connection and using a WiFi network to spread the network over the estate. Resulting and a saving of £300 per month.

Electric Renewals

Electric Renewals

Worked with two customers this month to fully manage the quotes and then the switch of their electric contracts.  All without having to site on hold to contact centres and we beat the renewal prices from the existing suppliers. All handled by 1 phone call to identify the type of contract and then 1 digitally signed contract, then all done.

Working together to reduce costs through partnerships

An enhancing a range of services to provide a discounted service direct to clients. Covering Business Procurement, Information Processing and changes to network requirements as we get used to the new normal.

It is more important than ever to get costs under control. Understand contract end dates and ensure the value for money while avoiding contact centres and waiting on hold.

Watch this space for case studies of recent projects including:

  • The scale of savings from switching suppliers
  • Support for Remote Working.
  • WiFi Network Install, Through a Building, Across a Farm, Upgrades to a Caravan Park.

Partnership plans:

Xero Partner: A client has saved over £230 a month by switching way from Sage Accounts and Sage Payroll.

Receipt Bank Streamline: Announcing an upgrade to automation and integration. Clients in the last 30 days have posted 1300 invoices saving around 25 Hours. Ready to implement further integration.

Microsoft Partner: Discounts available for clients. From 1 up, saving a little up to £200 a year.

Telephones, Broadband, VoIP: Full provision and support. Enable you to have a dedicated support team, blend existing phones and VoIP for presenting your number to customers. Integration of Calls with Office 365 and Teams.

Commercial Electric and Gas contracts to provide simplified contract reviews.

Commercial water rates available, simple billing and simple customer service.

Receipt Bank Partner

Work smarter. Grow faster. Go further.

Cameron Net is a Receipt Bank Partner. Clients have unlimited use of Receipt Bank to extract data from invoices and receipts and post sales from mobile camera, scanner or email – integrated into Xero, Sage and many more.

Provides support for staff completing expenses.

Easy spreadsheet or PDF exporting of invoices.

Secure record keeping of invoices for HMRC


Now delivering payroll services using Xero Payroll, including full RTI Pension Assessment from £4 per employee per month.

The start of the new payroll year is a busy time. Cameron Net is developing its outsourced payroll service and busy adding new people.

Extra Wifi

Some networking work completed over the last couple of weeks two different installs for a client. One providing a fast 300 Mb/s WiFi extension between buildings 120 meters apart and across a road. The other running a network cable between buildings and adding array WiFi access points to the company network.

Hello World

Welcome to Cameron Net

I am based on the banks of Loch Fyne in the Cowal peninsula. 

Nathan Cameron provides a face-to-face outsourcing option for back office business support.  Bookkeeping processing including, account reconciliation, VAT and Payroll.

Computer and Information Systems support for software, computers and networking.