Archive 2019

Receipt Bank Partner

Work smarter. Grow faster. Go further.

Cameron Net is a Receipt Bank Partner. Clients have unlimited use of Receipt Bank to extract data from invoices and receipts and post sales from mobile camera, scanner or email – integrated into Xero, Sage and many more.

Provides support for staff completing expenses.

Easy spreadsheet or PDF exporting of invoices.

Secure record keeping of invoices for HMRC


Now delivering payroll services using Xero Payroll, including full RTI Pension Assessment from £4 per employee per month.

The start of the new payroll year is a busy time. Cameron Net is developing its outsourced payroll service and busy adding new people.

Extra Wifi

Some networking work completed over the last couple of weeks two different installs for a client. One providing a fast 300 Mb/s WiFi extension between buildings 120 meters apart and across a road. The other running a network cable between buildings and adding array WiFi access points to the company network.